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Lawyer Mergers & Acquisitions

On the whole, M&A transactions are incredibly complex and an abundant amount of lawyer-client trust is required when assisting in this area. We are unsurpassable in our innovative ability & creativity and believe in an energetic and practical approach. Our M&A lawyers regularly work in multi-disciplinary teams alongside colleagues specialised in other legal areas e.g. business law, employment law and real estate or intellectual property law. We also collaborate closely and on a non-exclusive basis with prominent and independent global offices in international transactions. Many multi-jurisdictional transactions are conducted together with lawyers in our German, French or Japanese legal departments.

Specific expertise in Mergers & Takeovers

Van Diepen Van der Kroef proffer specialists in the Merger- and Takeover practice. We have in-depth knowledge of the sector and are proud to boast an extensive national & international network. Our M&A lawyers collaborate with accountants, tax specialists, civil-law notaries and corporate finance specialists. We allocate a team of specialists in accordance with client requirements.

Specific areas of proficiency include:

  • Assistance throughout the entire transaction process: rudimentary stages to closing
  • M&A transactions i.e. takeovers, participating interests, joint ventures, asset deals, asset/liability transactions, management buy-ins or buy-outs (MBO/MBI)
  • Controlled Auctions
  • Financing
  • Negotiations
  • Drafting contractual agreements e.g. confidentiality agreements, Letters of Intent (LoI), Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) or term sheets
  • Due diligence for buyer-seller in assistance or execution
  • Drafting purchase agreements e.g. share purchase agreements (SPA)
  • Drafting warranty agreements, cooperation agreements, disclaimers & disclosures
  • Shareholder Agreements
  • Cooperation agreements (joint venture agreements & strategic alliances)
  • Preparation of a M&A transaction for a business e.g. restructuring or reorganisation

Clients can count on our support throughout the entire transaction process. Our litigation and arbitration specialists have extensive experience of M&A transactions and are available for any dispute relating to mergers & takeovers. These areas often concern judicial procedures relating to share purchase agreements (SPA), warranties, clarification of agreements & liability for breach of contract and subsequent (financial) compensation.

Are you in need of advice or legal assistance? We are here to help. Contact one of our M&A lawyers.

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