Dr. Wiebke Bonnet-Vogler 🇩🇪
German and Dutch labor law
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Dr. Wiebke Bonnet-Vogler 🇩🇪

Wiebke Bonnet-Vogler is specialized in German and Dutch labor law and in (international) corporate law. She is a German Rechtsanwalt and Dutch advocaat, and advises international companies on (cross-border) reorganisations, dismissals and other employment law issues. She also regularly assists directors and expats in disputes with their German or Dutch employer. In addition, she regularly advises her clients in the context of commercial disputes and drafting of contracts. Through her extensive experience with other cultures, Wiebke can optimally support her clients in negotiations with foreign parties and settle disputes. She always prefers an out-of-court solution, but if that proves impossible, she is authorized to go to court both in Germany and the Netherlands.

Wiebke is a true cosmopolitan and blessed with three native languages ​​- Dutch, German and French. She also speaks English fluently. She grew up in Germany and France. Before joining Van Diepen Van der Kroef Advocaten in 2006, she worked for five years at a law firm in France. She grew up in a musical family, plays the violin and sings in a jazz band. Her creativity also comes in handy in her legal practice, when it comes to finding creative solutions. Wiebke lives in Amsterdam with husband and two children.

  • Duitse Rechtsanwalt & advocaat
  • Dutch & German lawyer
  • Dutch lawyer
  • German lawyer
  • Partner
Admission to practice law:
Rechtsanwalt since:
Regional office:
  • Law - The University of Hamburg
  • Law - The University of Maastricht
  • Law – The University of Clermont-Ferrand
Notable cases:
  • Provided guidance to a French multi-national company in a Dutch acquisition
  • Execution in the tracing and recovery of assets in the Palm Invest Bankruptcy Case for Monaco & France
  • Negotiations for a multi-national company concerning the termination of an employment agreement with a Dutch Statutory Director
  • Litigation for a commercial agent in Austria against a Dutch principal
  • Advising on mass dismissal according to Dutch and German law
Memberships & other related activities:
  • French Chamber of Commerce
  • German-Dutch Society of Lawyers (DNRV)
  • German-Dutch Lawyers Conferences (DNJK)
  • Board Member – Muziekpakhuis Amsterdam
Dutch, English, German, French
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