Litigation, Sports & Law, Employment Law

About Joes Blakborn

Joes Blakborn specialises in employment law, sports law and litigation.

For instance, he acts in substantial dismissal cases, both for employers and employees, more specifically for board members. An experienced litigator, he has now been conducting complex proceedings, including provisional relief matters, in a wide variety of contractual disputes for nearly 20 years.

As a partner, Joes Blakborn also manages the Sports & Law practice group he built up within the firm from 2005 onwards, focusing personally on football cases. He advises footballers, agents and clubs nationally and internationally on, and assists them in, a range of legal matters. If there are disputes, he conducts proceedings before the KNVB Arbitration Committee, the District Court, the FIFA DRC and the CAS. As agent registered with several national football associations (such as KNVB and FA), he also assists players and/or professional clubs during transfer and contract negotiations.

Joes is obsessed with sports, specifically football. While studying, he played football for AFC Ajax and FC Volendam. He then played for several years at the highest amateur level. Joes loves travelling and going out to eat.

Areas of law / specialisms

Sports and law
Employment Law
attorney, partner
Lawyer since
Dutch, English
Areas of law
Litigation, Sports & Law, Employment Law


  • Dutch Law at the University of Amsterdam
  • Sports & Law specialist course
  • Master's degrees in Employment Law and Private Law

Examples of work

  • Advises and litigates in dismissal cases for employers and employees.
  • Advises and litigates on terms of employment and current or impending labour disputes.
  • Conducts proceedings, including provisional relief matters, in contractual disputes, for instance debt collection.
  • Acts for footballers, their agents and clubs in disputes and any resulting proceedings at KNVB, FIFA DRC, CAS and the District Court/Court of Appeal.
  • Advises various footballers, professional clubs and agents at national and international levels on the conclusion of employment, transfer, and commission agreements.

Memberships and ancillary activities

  • Employment Law Association (VvA)
  • Sports and Law Association
  • Various publications in the field of Sports & Law

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