Sander Hartog MRICS

Sander Hartog MRICS

Sander Hartog is a partner in the office at Alkmaar. He specialises in construction law (administrative and civil law, contracting work, contract formation, project development).

Always looking for the best possible solution, and with an eye for the client’s interests, he proves to be a reliable and dedicated lawyer. Parties such as landowners, contractors and developers appreciate his honest and sound advice.

Sander is a reliable, committed and passionate lawyer with a lot of perseverance and the will to always win. However, he does not lose sight of the feelings and interests of opponent – partly because of his training as a mediator: “Therein often lies the key. By examining what exactly the feelings and interests of the opponent are, you can often come up with solutions that are satisfactory to both parties. This quickly resolves the dispute and parties can continue at the lowest possible cost. I adhere strongly to ‘just’ solving the problem. An entrepreneur does not look forward to long legal pleas, memos and procedures. He has a problem which needs to be resolved so that he or she can continue.”

Furthermore, Sander attaches great importance to reliability and a fair and solid advice. He does not amuse his client with tales, but he is in for the best possible solution under given circumstances.

Together with wife Maureen and two children Jasper and Quinten, Sander Hartog forms a nice family. Apart from work and family, he practices sport. In the meantime, he has traded soccer – the sport of this youth – for three new passions, where he set the bar pretty high for himself. Because, with both running and mountain biking, he competes in tournaments in which he goes to the extreme. Sander: “Make the best of it and do so with passion and pleasure. That’s my credo in sports and in the legal profession”. The eight-day mountain bike tournament in South Africa, the Cape Epic was a wonderful highlight. Additionally, Sander fanatically practices CrossFit.

  • Dutch lawyer
  • Partner
Admission to practice law:
Regional office:
  • Law at the University of Amsterdam
  • Postgraduate specialist course in Insolvency Law at the Grotius Academy
  • Postgraduate specialist course in Real Estate at the Grotius Academy
  • Mediation course at the Centre for Conflict Haarlem
  • Several specialist courses in order to deepen the knowledge and expertise in the field of real estate and legal profession. specialisatieopleidingen ter verdieping van de kennis en kunde op het gebied van vastgoed en advocatuur.
Notable cases:
  • Draft cooperation agreement between landowner and contractor for the development of a project (apartment building).
  • Act as a mediator or lawyer in disputes of owners' associations.
  • Advising on limitation of municipal land under a gas station.
  • Honouring temporary injunction purchase agreement and the legality of a lease.
  • Advise on the purchase of land by a campsite as part of a previously signed contract from the campsite.
  • Disputes over the proper implementation of building contracts, ranging from houses, villas, commercial properties or large public buildings.
Memberships & other related activities:
  • Member of the Dutch Construction Mediators’ Association (
  • Member of the Construction Law Association (
  • Member of the Dutch Young Property Lawyers Association (
  • Member of the Property Lawyers Association (
  • Member of the supervisory board of two real estate companies
  • Member of various employers' associations and of the gentlemen’s club De Dieu in Alkmaar
  • Member of the commission ‘Business and Perception’ of the football club AFC’34 where he is responsible for the new complex/ real estate
Dutch, English, German
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