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Allard Glijnis specialises in real estate law and tenancy law in particular.  He completed the postgraduate specialist course "Tenancy Law" run by the Association of Tenancy Lawyers cum laude. He represents both landlords and tenants in residential and commercial property matters. Allard Glijnis also represents owners' associations, property developers and estate agents. As a tenancy law specialist, Allard Glijnis is able to bring the most diverse tenancy issues to a successful conclusion. If the case requires it, Allard Glijnis does not shy away from taking legal steps, such as imposing an attachment and/or starting provisional relief proceedings. The guiding principle is to achieve a quick and effective solution.  Allard Glijnis also acts as a trustee in (property-related) bankruptcies.

Allard Glijnis was born and brought up in Uitgeest, where he still enjoys living. He comes from a family of four children and grew up on a dairy farm. Working hard to achieve good results was instilled in him from an early age. He got married and in 2016 became father to a son. He uses the perseverance he inherited from an early age both in his practice and personally. For instance, he spent years litigating against several government agencies, which led to obtaining planning permission to build in an agricultural and conservation area. Now that all those legal hurdles have finally been overcome, he is rolling up his sleeves to build his own house.

Areas of law / specialisms

Administrative & Environmental Law
Real Estate & Construction
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Areas of law
Administrative & Environmental Law, Real Estate & Construction


  • Law at the University of Amsterdam
  • Real Estate specialist course at the Grotius Academie
  • Tenancy Law specialist course at VHA, the Association of Tenancy Lawyers (cum laude)

Examples of work

  • Drafting leases, incorporating adequate security in the lease so that the landlord is protected against any bankruptcy of the tenant.
  • Using provisional relief proceedings to ensure that rent arrears are paid and that the rented property may be vacated.
  • Compelling the landlord, on behalf of a tenant, to install preventive fire safety devices in the leased business premises at the landlord's expense.
  • Litigating on the termination of leases due to nuisance and/or urgent own use.
  • Obtaining judicial authorisation to adjust rentals.

Memberships and ancillary activities

  • VHA: Association of Tenancy Lawyers
  • VJOJ: Association of Young Real Estate Lawyers
  • RT6: Round Table Alkmaar 6
  • NON: North Noord-Holland Business Owners Network

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