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The lawyer and intellectual property

Turning your idea into a successful product or service takes time, money and energy. You obviously want to secure those investments. The lawyers at Van Diepen Van der Kroef will advise you on the best ways to protect your plans.

Has your product, brand, trade name or patent been infringed? If they have, our IP lawyers will stand up for your rights. We advise, mediate and negotiate. We litigate when necessary to achieve the best result for you. Together, we determine the steps that are needed to counteract trademark infringement.

Our lawyers not only advise and litigate on the infringement of your intellectual property rights, but also assist you if you yourself - consciously or otherwise - have infringed someone else's IP right or are at risk of doing so. For example, we can investigate whether you can rely upon statutory exceptions in the case of a satirical or parodying artistic expression. Or we assess whether or not you are infringing someone else's rights when you commission a new trade name, logo or trademark.

Expertise in intellectual property

We have extensive knowledge and experience in areas including:

  • Copyright law, database law, patent law, trademark law, design and model law
  • Trade name law and domain name law
  • Neighbouring rights
  • Media and entertainment law
  • Protection of concepts and formats
  • Infringement proceedings, seizure of evidence, revocation actions
  • Licence agreements


Do you need legal advice? We would be delighted to help. Contact one of our lawyers who specialise in intellectual property, IT law and media law.

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