Financial insolvency and restructuring

The lawyer and insolvency & restructuring

Bankruptcies and moratoriums are the order of the day as a result of the economic crisis and its aftermath. The effects can be far-reaching, especially if you have to deal with a non-paying buyer or a bankrupt supplier. Naturally, you are keen to minimise the risks to your business.

For a struggling company, bankruptcy can also offer opportunities, for instance through a restructuring followed by a controlled relaunch. In addition, market developments or other factors may necessitate the restructuring of a company.

Van Diepen Van der Kroef have the necessary expertise in insolvency and restructuring. Our specialist lawyers are ready to assist all stakeholders in a bankruptcy, moratorium or restructuring exercise; not just directors but also shareholders, supervisory directors, suppliers, pledge and mortgage holders, employees and the works council can count on them.

They regularly act as trustees in bankruptcies or administrators in moratoriums and assess your issue from several angles. They can also guide you through complex group reorganisations. They map out the consequences of bankruptcy and litigate in cases of director's liability.

Expertise in insolvency & restructuring

Our knowledge and experience cover:

  • Restructuring (including pre-pack and relaunch)
  • Bankruptcy and bankruptcy fraud
  • Moratorium of payments
  • Judicial or extra-judicial composition of creditors
  • Financing and security
  • Retention of title, lien and right to claim
  • Sureties
  • Counselling on tax debt and attachment of property found on the premises
  • Directors' liability
  • Fraudulent preferences
  • Offset
  • Recovery

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Financial insolvency and restructuring lawyers

Corporate Law, Insolvency & Restructuring
Corporate Law, Insolvency & Restructuring

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