Financial insolvency and restructuring

Lawyer financial insolvency and restructuring

The economic crisis has left a wide swath of bankruptcies and payment suspensions. The effects are far-reaching especially if you are faced by the problems inherent with bankrupt subcontractors or non-delivery by suppliers. A healthy enterprise minimizes these risks.

In some cases, the market mandates bankruptcy and quite often insolvency or bankruptcy can offer the enterprise an invaluable chance to restart and restructure.

Van Diepen Van der Kroef’s financial insolvency experts can lend the strategic understanding and knowledge for you to take the right decision. Not only directors but shareholders, commissioners, suppliers, mortgage and pledge holders as well as employees and works councils can rely on our savvy assistance.

We operate as trustees in bankruptcy proceedings and as executors in payment suspension proceedings. Finely tuned advice will provide you with assistance every step of the way in complex reorganizations as well as director’s liability cases.

Expertise in bankruptcy and restructuring

Specific areas of proficiency include:

  • Restructuring (including pre-pack and corporate relaunch)
  • Bankruptcy and bankruptcy fraud
  • Suspension of payment
  • (Extra)judicial creditor agreement
  • Financing and securitization
  • Liens, pledges, assurances
  • Guarantees and deposits
  • Attachment, garnishment and tax liability
  • Directors’ liability
  • Actions to set aside (revocatory actions)
  • Settlements
  • Recovery

Are you seeking legal advice? Our insolvency and restructuring experts are proud of their knowledge. Kindly take up contact with one of our lawyers specialized in financial insolvency and restructuring.