Sports and Law

Lawyer Sports and Law

A passion for sport, that is the name of the game for our lawyers. Several members of our team are engaged in sports and combine their love for sports with expertise in law. They are ready and willing to come to your assistance day and night: sport often demands that incredible level of commitment.

Legal advice has become increasingly important in the sports world where large sums of money exchange hands and commissions are considerable. Van Diepen Van der Kroef’s lawyers advise sports professionals, sport teams, sport fields and associations in every conceivable area of legal advice, from football transfers to arbitration procedures.

Contract negotiation, contract formation for sports practitioners: go for professional advice. Our professionals provide a wonderful match for your needs!

To concentrate on a sport, you should find a partner who will organise and take care of every detail concerning your legal sport-related needs. Van Diepen van der Kroef has been selected to represent the Players Council of the Dutch National Football Team by the team members themselves.

Expertise in Sports Law

Specific areas of proficiency include:

  • Player transfers
  • Transfer contracts between sports clubs (interteam transfers)
  • Players’ contracts/employment contracts
  • Legal proceedings both national and international at: KNVB, UEFA, FIFA, CAS
  • Legal assistance for clubs
  • Sponsorship and sponsor-related activities
  • Intellectual property, media rights

Are you seeking legal advice? Our sports law experts are proud of their knowledge. Kindly take up contact with one of our lawyers specialised in sports and law.