German Law

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Germany is the Netherlands’ number one trading partner. Van Diepen’s German law section is the largest in The Netherlands unique in its expertise in all aspects of German law. Our legal experts have advised Dutch enterprises in the intricacies of German law for over two decades. Three German lawyers are also certified in Dutch law.

Are you searching for a certified German lawyer (Rechtsanwalt) or a specialist who understands German law? Our lawyers are well versed in the legislation and regulations as well as the legal culture specific to Germany. You will be well prepared for negotiation and litigation within the German system.


Specific expertise in German Law

Specific areas of proficiency include:

  • Negotiate contracts with German business partners
  • M & A transactions, such as takeovers, joint ventures, asset deals
  • Contracts under German law
  • Employment contracts between employer and employee under German law
  • Employment conflicts between employer and employee in Germany
  • Agency, distribution and franchise law
  • Transport law
  • Serve process in Germany concerning for example trade and/or labor issues

Are you seeking legal advice? Our German-Dutch lawyers are proud of their knowledge with regard to the German market and the German legal system. Kindly contact our partners: Professor Dr. Axel Hagedorn or Joachim Staab.