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It may appear an over-exaggeration but Van Diepen Van der Kroef consider transport and logistics as the pulse of the economy. The economical interests are sometimes modest but often have a more far-reaching effect in the Netherlands, Europe and World Wide. Transport is a sector that usually functions without too many legal issues but if things go awry, (potential) dependency on the transporter can make one easily vulnerable. A company will occur direct damage if, for whatever reason, transport comes to a complete stand still. It is necessary to have the necessary advice & expertise in order to rely on someone who always has your best interests at heart to insure a compensation claim is valid.

Van Diepen Van der Kroef advise on all forms of transport whether on the roads, inland navigation, the sea, air & rail as well as combined forms of transport. Our specialists also focus on associated and coherent points, such as shipping, custodial transportation, (trans) shipment & trade and credit documents. We assist all parties within the logistics chain.

Our lawyers are accustomed to in litigate in international differences. We also work regularly in arbitration. Our extensive network includes lawyers abroad whom we work with in close collaboration.

Expertise in Transport Law

We have in-depth knowledge & experience in the following legal areas:

  • Transport
  • Shipping & (trans) shipment
  • Damaged Load
  • Property & Right of Retention
  • Drafting (International) framework agreements
  • Drafting of general terms & conditions
  • Collection proceedings, seizure & execution

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