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The lawyer and real estate and tenancy law

Transactions and disputes in real estate and tenancy law are tied in with numerous complex laws and regulations. Good advice therefore requires thorough and up-to-date knowledge, not just of this area of law, but also of the local market, the parties involved and all practical possibilities.

The lawyers at Van Diepen Van der Kroef make every effort to achieve the best possible solution to your problem, not just by providing you with legal support, but also with practical advice so that you can quickly get on with your business.

As real estate and tenancy lawyers, we assist municipal authorities, property developers, contractors, subcontractors, principals, owners' associations, property owners, estate agents, managers, private individuals and others. With a keen eye for the specific areas of concern, our lawyers are ready with the answer to all your legal questions.

Expertise in real estate & tenancy law

Our knowledge and experience cover:

  • Property development: Assessment/preparation of collaboration agreements
  • Construction law, contracting: discussions about defects, additional work, prompt completion, etc.
  • Renting/letting (Airbnb, subletting, drafting and reviewing leases)
  • Purchase and sale of real estate, such as shops, office premises, storage sheds, hotels or agricultural land
  • Latent defects (non-conformity) and the seller's or civil-law notary's liability
  • Tendering
  • Financing and security (mortgage, pledge)
  • Easements
  • Ownership and lease
  • Drafting and reviewing leases (commercial and residential)
  • Environmental and planning law (advising on applying for or objecting to building permits, rezoning, compulsory purchase)
  • Rules, deeds of division and conflicts involving owners' associations

Do you need legal advice? We would be delighted to help. Contact one of our lawyers who specialise in real estate and tenancy law.

Real estate and construction lawyers

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