Administrative & Environmental Law

The lawyer and administrative law

With legislation, regulations and their enforcement, the government exerts considerable influence over society and the economy. The administrative lawyers at Van Diepen Van der Kroef specialise in cooperating with public authorities in completing projects and investments, making policy and obtaining permits. But government bodies can also be adversaries in proceedings about the formulation of policy, refusal of permits and enforcement. For example, our lawyers advise and litigate on zoning and land-use plans, government enforcement and the sanctions they impose, revocation or refusal of permits and the forced closure of businesses.

Expertise in administrative law

Our knowledge and experience cover:

  • Zoning plans
  • Administrative penalties, administrative coercion and administrative fines
  • Soil, air and water pollution
  • Reversing and preventing business closures
  • Building permits
  • Operating permits
  • Environmental permits and waivers
  • Compensation for loss resulting from administrative acts
  • Unlawful government acts
  • Planning blight
  • Property development
  • Project implementation decisions
  • Spatial planning
  • General Provisions Act (Wabo)
  • Foreign Nationals Employment Act (Wav)
  • Spatial Planning Act (Wro)
  • Government Information (Public Access) Act (Wob)
  • Public Administration Integrity Assessment Promotion Act (Bibob)

Expertise in environmental & waste law

Environmental and waste law is a very specific area of interest, influenced considerably by European law. Its enforcement is covered not only by administrative law, but increasingly by criminal law, in which case specialist legal assistance is crucial. Our lawyers can assist you in proceedings before the environmental and criminal court judges of the District Court, the Council of State and the European Court of Justice.

Our knowledge and experience cover:

  • Environmental permits for waste companies and manufacturers
  • European Waste Shipment Regulation (WSR)
  • Notification documents and Annex VII documents
  • End of waste or byproduct
  • Waste Framework Directive
  • Criminal law in waste cases
  • Bibob Act on waste and construction materials
  • Environmental Management Act (Wm)
  • Soil Protection Act (Wbb)

Do you need advice? We would be delighted to help. Contact one of our lawyers who specialise in administrative law, environmental law and waste law.

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Administrative & Environmental Law
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