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The lawyer and litigation

A dispute with a business contact arises sooner or later for practically every business owner. Usually, the parties resolve these disputes between themselves. If this fails, our lawyers will represent you in negotiation and mediation. But sometimes a judge or arbitrator has to be involved to settle the dispute and that is when litigation is needed, when being right is not always the same as being found to be right. The latter is an art, you see: exactly the litigator's area of expertise.

A court action, arbitration or binding advice is almost always a significant event with potentially major consequences for you and your business. Van Diepen Van der Kroef's litigation lawyers will guide you through every step of legal proceedings. They provide knowledgeable legal advice, determine strategy and can impose prejudgment attachments. They also litigate for you at the District Courts and Courts of Appeal, such as the Enterprise Division. Our litigation lawyers are skilled in cross-border litigation and arbitration in international matters.

By using procedural law properly, they can often increase the other party's willingness to settle. But your interest may also be served by a court order.

Expertise in litigation

Our knowledge and experience cover:

  • Legal proceedings before District Courts and Courts of Appeal
  • Inquiry proceedings at the Enterprise Division
  • Provisional relief proceedings
  • Attachments, both prejudgment and in execution
  • Arbitrations at the NAI, the Arbitration Board for the Building Industry, ICC or DNHK
  • Proceedings before the Court of Justice of the EU in Luxembourg (CJEU)
  • Proceedings before the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg (ECHR)
  • Binding advice


Do you need legal advice? We would be delighted to help. Contact one of our lawyers who specialise in litigation.

Corporate Law lawyers

Erik Jan
Mergers & Acquisitions, Litigation, Corporate Law


Japanese desk, Corporate law, M&A / Mergers and acquisitions
Corporate Law, Insolvency & Restructuring
Corporate Law, Insolvency & Restructuring

Client experiences

“Wouter and Sabine assisted us with 2 matters that we look back on particularly positively. A professional, discreet and fast approach. Short lines, convincing and results-oriented. In collaboration with them, we successfully terminated an agreement. In addition, we were guided in drawing up the shareholders' agreement for a new business between our company and a partner where the joint interests and wishes have been correctly translated into the agreement. Through good communication, the agreement was achieved effectively and in a short time.”

Rick Hageman, Serdar Tolenaar en Henk Brussaard

Mom's Meals

“In 2022, Wouter Ursem made an important contribution by founding the OpenWaste UA Cooperative. Wouter prepared and finalized the articles of association and membership agreement. His presence during unofficial membership meetings was much appreciated. I am convinced that this will allow us to officially establish the cooperative more quickly.”

Rob Verduin

GP Groot

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