Lawyer Mediation

Nobody is entirely exempt from conflict. Unfortunately, it can come to us all sooner or later. Typical arising conflicts are within the area of business relationships, between employers & employees, spousal conflict or in some other form. Where serious differences of viewpoint are of essence, these cases often end up in court. If a Judge rules on a case, there will always be a losing side. That is just the way it is.

It does not have to work like this though. Mediation attempts to create a better situation for both parties, without a Judge getting in the middle. Both parties sit together under the direction of our objective and established mediators. In order to obtain a better idea of the current situation we work together with the aim of finding a feasible solution that all parties are content with.

Expertise in Mediation

As required, our mediators are certified. (NMI, VFas, MfN). We offer high-level & solution-driven assistance but we never lose track of the legal aspects of a case.

Specific areas of proficiency include:

  • Mediation Real Estate, e.g. contracting, Project Development, Rental Law & Neighbour’s Rights
  • Mediation Employment Law, e.g. looming redundancy or in the area of work participation
  • Mediation Family Law, e.g. divorce, termination of a civil partnership contract or the distribution of assets
  • Mediation in business relationships e.g. differences between partners, shareholders or other organs within the company

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