Employment Law

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Employment law is an area of law that witnesses continual evolution. Therefore, current & extensive knowledge of this complex specialism is imperative.
Employment lawyers at Van Diepen Van der Kroef accommodate businesses, statutory directors and employers. We advise and litigate on matters varying from ‘day-to-day’ work-related disputes through to specific & specialist issues. Our lawyers negotiate with mandatory Work Councils and Employment Unions as well as settling the consequences of mergers & takeovers i.e. reorganisations and restructuring.
Our purpose is to discover expeditious and practical solutions & our client’s requirements remain paramount.

Expertise in Employment Law

Specific areas of proficiency include:

  • Mass dismissal and reorganisation
  • Individual dismissal
  • Transfer of Undertaking
  • Drafting & evaluation of employment contracts, management contracts & contracts for self-employed & freelance employees
  • Non-competition clauses, relationship clauses and non-solicitation clauses
  • Severance and termination agreements
  • Redundancy pay & fair reimbursement
  • Privacy aspects e.g. confidentiality agreements, e-mail use, internet use & control of personal data
  • Work participation & mandatory Work Councils
  • Reassignment & employment matters relating to foreign employees

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Civil Service Law

Civil Service Law is a particularly specialised legal area. The relationship between civil servant & governmental institution is comparable to that of employer & employee. Civil Service law is subject to a different legal framework. Government sectors like the State, regions, local boroughs, the police and educational authorities have individual legal status and therefore, separate regulations. These regulations encompass matters such as appointments, employment conditions, integrity, resignation, reorganisation & non-statutory supplementary benefits.

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